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American songs with verve and Slavic soul.


Romet Comet is a music band that invites its audience on a journey into the deep and lyric world of Anglo-Saxon stories. The musical compositions are surprisingly varied and inviting. Sometimes the songs weave through funky-punk-rock-jazz-blues, and at other times they are bossa nova with a good beat. Romet Comet experiments with form and sound, creating an orginal fusion of vibrations and emotions.

Romet Comet in Radio Wnet (interview Polish language only).

Radio Wnet (Regional Polish Radio): Warsaw 87,8 MHz, Cracow 95,2 MHz, Lodz 106,1 MHz, Szczecin 98,9 MHz, Wroclaw 96,8 MHz, Bydgoszcz 104,4 MHz, Bialystok 103,9 MHz
RometComet · Sesja live Romet Comet z Twierdzy Modlin w Radiu Wnet

The band.

Charismatic vocalist Kimba Kerner immediately attracts the audience’s attention and along with the subtle accompaniment of the band, she will take you on an short escape from reality. The band entertains the listener in a skillful manner because the artistic expression and instrumental finesse shapes a complexly expressive original sound.

Romet Comet is a quintet, emerged from the love to the music and is the fruit of musical friendship, which sparked during many mutual rehearsals and concerts in Poland and Great Britan. Charged by positive energy of the public, good artistic colaboration and pleasant memories Romet Comet is the continuation of musical journey and mutual artistic experiences of the band members.

Romet* Comet** is a phenomenon, which accumulates suddenly in a burst of unimaginable energy and appears periodically in the universe, leaving only stardust behind.

Romet Comet debuted in 18th of May 2019 during concert in "Night of Museums" in Defabryka. The band presented arrangements of songs by the punk band Red Crap. These new original songs seemed so different that practically the only commonality could be the text of the songs. However, this was not true. Kimba Kerner, who sings and composes for both of them. The lyrics of the songs are inspired by the spirit of Bukowski, sensational reports from the American media, and also macabre Victorian novels.

Good sounds and passionately performed songs convince the listeners of Romet Comet’s authenticity. The band is currently in the process of creating new material and would like to present it in near future.

*Romet **Comet

The band:

Kimba Kerner [USA] – vocals, lyrics. On the stage she feels like a fish in water and captivates the audience with her charisma. She is a classically trained vocalist but never restricted herself to it because there is too much standing still in opera. She is a nationally awarded visual artist who enjoys creating dark stories that reveal the wanderings of the human mind.

Igor Starczak [PL] – electro-acoustic guitar. He discovered guitar while listening to the band Europe and from that time he has been pumping out riffs and composing melodies. He enjoys to play artfully for people and pull from their energy. As every guitarist his favorite thing to do is play a good solo. Satisfied content specialist of all kinds of content.

Pawel Fijalkowski [PL] – electro-acoustic guitar. He loves blues, american folk, jazz, rock, and funk music. Mastered guitar riffs while accompanying his scout team during bonfires and also during public performances, which are his favorite. He is a brilliant electrician who plays with or without electricity.

Michal Nasierowski [PL] – bass guitar. He plays thanks to a japanese invention, loves music and the Jarocin festival. He experienced jazz and was forced to join a music band to perform live. He feels great performing on stage and is open to improvisation. Practitioner of effective operations, which he tries to apply to everyone and everything, especially music.

Piotr Ciemniewski [PL] – cajon, percussion instruments. An exceptionally cultured drummer (as evidenced by his employment, the house of culture). An absolute rhythm expert. A groove connoisseur, who passes it onto younger generations. A good spirit, the pulse and heart of many bands that he co-creates or supports artistically. He enjoys stage performances a lot, best evidenced by his numerous photographs.

Past members:

Janusz Tytman [PL] (05/2019 - 11/2022) – mandolin. Has been performing since times unknown. Plays, sings and records with extraordinary artists. A certified mandolin master. A wizard of lirical melodies, trance riffs and perfect solos. Loves to perform live in good company. Ironically he is an addiction therapist addicted to music.

Maciej Sych [PL] (01/2023 - 06/2023) – electro-acoustic guitar. Fascinated by the sound of rock and blues guitar, he started on a tennis racket, which he quickly switched to acoustic and electric guitars. A versatile guitarist who can navigate the waters of every genre of music. A fan of jam sessions and an awarded blues virtuoso.

Past concerts.

  • 11 February 2024, Sunday, 19:00 - Łysy Pingwin, Warsaw
  • 1 December 2023, Friday, 20:00, To Się Wytnie, Warsaw
  • 22 October 2023, Sunday, 19:30, PraCoVnia Art-Club, Warsaw
  • 10 September 2023, Sunday, 19:00, La Boheme, Warsaw
  • 13 August 2023, Sunday, 20:00 - Łysy Pingwin, Warsaw
  • 21 July 2023, Friday, 20:00 - Łysy Pingwin, Warsaw
  • 25 June 2023, Sunday, 18:00 - Miejsce Projektow Zachety | Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
  • 02 June 2023, Friday, 20:00 - Mezalians Bistro & Pub, Warsaw
  • 13 May 2023, Saturday, 21:00 - defabryka,Warsaw
  • 21 April 2023, Friday, 20:00 - Mezalians Bistro & Pub, Warsaw
  • 12 February 2023, Sunday, 19:30 - Soy y Sombra, ul. Grzybowska 2/16, Warsaw
  • 8 February 2023, Wednesday, 20:00 - PraCoVnia Art-Club, Ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki 16, Warsaw
  • 20 January 2023, Friday, 19:30, La Boheme, Warsaw
  • 4 November 2022, Friday, 20:00, Lemon Tree, ul. Zachodnia 38, Lomianki
  • 17 September 2022, Saturday, 18:00, Muranow, Warsaw
  • 14 May 2022, Saturday, 20:00, defabryka, Warsaw
  • 25 February 2022, Friday, 20:00, La Boheme, Warsaw
  • 15 January 2022, Saturday, 20:00 - PraCoVnia Art-Club, Ks. Jerzego Popieluszki 16, Warsaw
  • 20 October 2021, Wednesday, 20:00 - Dom Kultury Kadr, ul. Wincentego Rzymowskiego 32, Warsaw
  • 27 August 2021, Friday, 20:00 - Lemon Tree, ul. Zachodnia 38, Lomianki
  • 29 July 2021, Thursday, 20:00 - PraCoVnia Art-Club, Ks. Jerzego Popieluszki 16, Warsaw
  • 11 June 2021, Friday, 20:00 - 2KOLA, Pub Motocyklowy, ul. Tunelowa 2, Warsaw
  • 31 January 2021, Sunday, 20:00 - Multicentrum Misja Kampinos w Bloniu, Sztab WOSP w Bloniu (on-line)
  • 11 October 2020, Sunday, 20:00, La Boheme, Warszawa
  • 11 September 2020, Friday, 20:00 - Lemon Tree, ul. Zachodnia 38, Lomianki
  • 12 February 2020, Wednesday, 20:30 - Jack's Bar Warsaw Cinema, ul. Bracka 18, Warsaw
  • 31 January 2020, Friday, 20:00 - Lemon Tree, ul. Zachodnia 38, Lomianki
  • 21 December 2019, Saturday, 20:00 - W Oparach Absurdu, Ul. Zabkowska 6, Warsaw
  • 07 November 2019, Thursday, 20:00 - La Boheme, Warsaw
  • 14 September 2019, Saturday - Osrodek Leczenia, Terapii i Rehabilitacji Uzaleznien Monar w Gloskowie
  • 21 June 2019, Friday, Elektrownia Powisle, Warsaw
  • 18 May 2019, Saturday, defabryka, Warsaw
  • plus many mutual concerts in Great Britain and in Poland, which are genesis of the formation of the band (m.in. Stoleczna Estrada, CEEQA Gala 2018, Stowarzyszenie MONAR, Klub Dowodztwa Garnizonu Warszawa, The Yorkshire House, Gregson Centre, Osrodek Kultury "OKO", Centrum Sportu i Kultury w Garwolinie, Nowosolski Dom Kultury, Klub SPATiF, Dom Kultury Srodmiescie, Klub Stodola).



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